I am Nancy Marsh, a vibrational artist, creator, teacher and healer. In creating my designs, my passion is to express the way I “see” energy moving through the Universe, around us and through us. My unique drawings are intense, vibrant and made with the intention to inspire.

I have been inspired along my healing journey by many Masters, incorporating the teachings I resonate with most into daily practices. As an empath and a healer, I love the synergy of healing, wellness and creativity. Drawing is my preferred way to manifest this in my own life.

My intention is to shine Light into this world with the vibrational frequency of Love, Gratitude and Joy, inspiring others by sharing these drawings. I create my designs because they delight me.  I hope you find both inspiration and delight here.

In light and love



"I have worked with Nancy professionally and as an artist. She is talented and offers fierce support and love to her clients.  Beyond being an artist, Nancy is truly a gifted coach, healer and leader."

         ~ T. Phonsavath, North Vancouver