My designs are individual, personal and unique. I draw on inspiration. When I create a drawing for you, you have a one-of-a-kind treasure that's a reflection of who you are.

Designs Based on Frequency

I create for you through your expression of yourself. I discern your frequency through a conversation and a brief meditation. I will guide you through a process that reveals to me the frequency. The design flows from what you express in words and vibration.

Types of Designs

You have two choices - a "static" piece or a "continuous" piece.


A static piece is a specific size. The design fills the entire surface.

The standard sizes are:

5" x 7" - $250

9" x 12" - $500

11" x 14" - $800

Custom sizes available on request.


A continuous piece is a design that doesn't stop at the edge of the piece. So there is no defined "edge".

There is no standard size. Pricing is based on several factors which depend mostly on the desired use of this type of piece. With a continuous piece, you can create your own:

  • wrapping paper
  • fabric
  • wall paper.

There are two online resources where these items can be created:


Art of Where


"I would love to work with you in creating your unique design. I'll use my skills energetically and artistically so that all the inspiration and joy that you embody is celebrated in your very own original. Please contact me for more information"  Nancy